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golf lessons in fenton michigan

Golf Tip: Don’t “Keep Your Head Down”

The most flawed golf tip I hear given (and received) on a constant basis is “keep your head down”. Although well intentioned, the focus of simply keeping your head down will lead to lack of rotation and overall rigid, unathletic … Read More


Putting Lessons in Fenton, Michigan

If you have been giving up strokes on the green, it might be time you get a much needed putting lesson. At Darren Husse Golf Academy we use the latest Foresight GCQUAD Advanced putting technology to measure your putter club … Read More

Using GCQUAD in a Outdoor Golf Lesson

Using GCQUAD Technology for More Efficient Golf Lessons

In this video Golf Simulator Videos takes the Foresight Sports GCQuad Outdoors with PGA Professional Darren Husse to do a live golf lesson using the GCQuad club data at the Coyote Preserve Golf Club in Michigan. This video was done … Read More

Golf Bag Mapping with Darren Husse, PGA

Golf Bag Mapping – Learn How to Gap Your Bag

Watch as PGA Professional Darren Husse performs a bag mapping session using the UNEEKOR EYE XO Golf Launch Monitor and View Golf Simulator Software. Golf Simulator Videos will take you through a full review of how to setup the software … Read More